I had been working on the 3rd series of what I was to call “Sea Creatures”, exploring ideas of hybridity, colonization and adaptation. These ideas were inspired by the coral reefs of southern Florida and Mexico.

I was fascinated by the idea of a living organism hosting many other life forms and so creating a unique environment for even more life forms to flourish. Learning that the coral reefs produce 2/3 of the world’s oxygen supply and knowing that human interventions in the natural environment are destroying and threatening this crucial life form, I felt small and helpless faced with the scale of the problem. I wanted to create work that communicated some of what I found so compelling.

I repeatedly returned to visualizations of the coral reefs and ocean floor as I worked, imagining the life and death struggles of species, the complexity of their relationships and the vibrant colours of the reefs darkening and dying…

One day, during these visualizations, I imagined my awareness sinking into the sand beneath the waves where all was quiet, suspended in a gentle current. With my inner eye, I saw a dim and scattered light from the surface far above, breaking the gloom in random places, and I rested there, drifting, not thinking.

After a while, feeling very peaceful, I noticed the sand beneath me begin to stir in little vortexes of current. One patch seemed particularly active, and as I looked closer a spiral of sand suddenly shot upward and opened out as a glowing light bloomed from its center. Bits of shells and oceanic debris were being sucked into the center aggregating into a mass that rose up and took on the shape of a tiny goddess! Small, defiant and threatening! The light became too intense to look at and it’s message clear.

This realm was under her protection and small as she was, I knew her power could be lethal.

I blinked and found myself in the mundane world once again. I went back to work, contemplating the power of belief in sustaining a magical realm.

ORIGINS Project to be unveiled at the Craft Council of BC Gallery, June 30th

The Craft Council of BC Gallery at 1386 Cartwright St., in Vancouver BC is presenting a solo exhibition of new sculpture by Georgina Lohan, from June 30 to August 11. The opening reception will be held June 30, 6:00-8:00pm, with an artists talk scheduled for 6:30 pm.
Conceived as a project of speculative fiction, Origins explores themes of Evolutionary Psychology utilizing porcelain sculpture.
Vertical stacks of porcelain sculpture tell stories of evolution and transformation. Life began in the sea and emerges onto land, interacting with the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Species diversify and adapt, growing and multiplying as humans enter the timeline. It is a realm of dramatic change and possibility, and we begin to understand it is magical….
Exploring themes of evolutionary psychology, research into species evolution and the development of human culture is translated into a work of speculative fiction.
Utilizing the medium of porcelain Georgina depicts a complex and colourful sampling of species co-evolving with humans in the natural environment and questions how this may have affected our belief systems, habitat development and tool use.
This work is informed by a diverse skill set developed from experience working in many different media including painting, jewellery making, textiles, and pottery. Combining elements of expressionism, figurative and organic abstraction, Georgina has developed a unique style that experiments with the collection of fragments that combine to signify something new.

Georgina Lohan gets a new studio!

Georgina Lohan is happy to announce the relocation of her studio to the Mergatroid complex. This 1,000 square foot, stand-alone building at 1161 Parker Street, Vancouver BC, features a small showroom that will be open to the public. Look for the Grand Opening of GEORGINA LOHAN Contemporary Studio Ceramics this spring.


Thanks to all of you who came down to the Icebox Gallery at Railtown Studios for my impromptu show of porcelain tableware on April 3rd. Your support and encouragement are what keeps me going!

It gave me a chance to unveil the first few pieces from my new line “Primitiva” and one of the large bowls found its way to a new home on painter Shirley Anne’s beautiful quarter sawn oak dining table.

May 16-17 Arts & Crafts Family Show

I will be bringing my new spring lines to the Croatian Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC. for the Arts & Crafts Family Show May 16-17 10:00-6:00pm both days.

The first 100 people through the door will receive a swag bag of local vendors work, including some of my porcelain pendants. Kids are free and I have 30 tickets to give away so please contact me if you’d like some. Hope to see you there!

Season Opener at Portobello West



I am happy to announce that Lohan Porcelain will be participating in the Portobello West Spring Season Opener on March 28 & 29th at the Creekside Community Recreation Center in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. The Market is open from 11:00 am to 5:00pm both days.
For those unfamiliar with the area, it is a beautiful stretch of waterfront in False Creek, a very pedestrian friendly setting with some great outdoor spaces as well as a selection of craft breweries and restaurants.
Portobello West is the fashion and art mecca for local artist and artisans that has been going strong for a number of years. It’s held in several locations in Vancouver during the year, with the bright and airy space of the Creekside Community Recreation Center as it’s base. This will be my first year as a vendor with Portobello West and I’m looking forward to being part of the scene!
Especially if Carlos and Joanne of Cocoa West Chocolatier ( are bringing their divine organic chocolate there again this year! I am crazy for the miniature chocolate sculptures Joanne makes using Carlos’s intriguing original 3d models. They are amazing! And when you bite their heads off- Yum! So indescribably delicious! Of course, I have just the right little platters to serve up those puppies in style!


Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
The whirlwind of activities leading to Christmas has subsided, and the last few days of 2014 unfold before us. What a ride the Year of the Horse was! It seems to have galloped by in a blink of an eye, with more travel plans and ground covered this year than I ever imagined! Maui, California, Mexico, Seattle, Portland, Victoria, Galiano Island, Bowen Island, Whistler, and room for more before Year of the Sheep is ushered in! While I struggled at times to hang on to the reins and keep my seat, some of the twists and turns, jumps and switches took my breath away! What a year!
We lost our friend Doug French this year, thespian, woodworker, father and community volunteer. I imagine his essence seeding the universe, benefiting us with his erudite insights, fierce loyalty and gentle kindness.
“A door closes, and somewhere a window opens.”

As we head into 2015, following the solar calendar in Chinese astrology, the Start of Spring and Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, is on February 3, 2015, 20:00pm Pacific Standard Time. The Chinese New Year comes later, on February 19, following the lunar calendar. We can use the momentum of Horse to move into a time of fulfilment and inspiration. Year of the Sheep is a pivotal year between the three year cycles of fire and metal (followed by cycles of the other elements: water, wood & earth). The fire cycle began in 2013 Year of the Snake with the fire element characterized as heat from the rising sun reaching the top of the sky. 2014 is the Year of the Horse, who’s fire element is represented as heat from the ground which absorbs heat from the sun on the top of the sky. The fire of the Sheep Year is the heat residing in the ground. This heat can help the fruit on the tree ripen. Since Year of the Sheep also contains the female element of earth, people can receive a boost in creating something from nothing. New approaches will be required to obtain outstanding performances and reach goals. It is also a time for appreciating all those things that money cannot buy – friendships, love, doing good, being creative and noticing the beauty around you. Powerful forces for change are best managed with the careful analysis and practical planning that Wood energy encourages. This could be a landmark problem-solving year!

Endless Summer…

California Dreamin' Big Sur

California Dreamin’ Big Sur

Ok, I admit I sneaked off to California with my husband Rob for a summer holiday in the fall! We had a fantastic trip starting with a train ride from Vancouver BC to San Jose California, stopping in Portland for two nights. We caught the Portland Museum of Craft’s exhibition of British Potters and a performance of “Intimate Apparel” at the Artist’s Repertory Theater. We also enjoyed some sumptuous meals in some of the city’s fantastic restaurants.
From San Jose we rented a convertible and drove out to the coast, visiting Mavericks before heading to Santa Cruz for some mandatory fun at the giant seaside amusement park there. We explored the coast, stopping in Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel, then headed to Ragged point in Big Sur before turning east to the wine country in Paso Robles. As if that wasn’t bliss enough, we stopped at Hearst Castle along the way and took a tour of the castle to peruse the giant collage of art & architecture, eras & tiaras, pools & jewels, zebras & vistas that make the place unique and extraordinary in that vast expanse of ranchland.

Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest

Driving through the drought stricken interior to the Sequoia National Park, took us across an endless area of near desertification. It was quite a shock to see trees again, as I was beginning to think that the word “forest” was a hoax in that part of the world. Even though I’ve grown up in the rain forests of southern BC, it was truly astonishing to witness, touch, and walk between what can only be described as the most massive trees on the planet….

Paso Robles, Wild Coyote Vineyards

Paso Robles, Wild Coyote Vineyards

Hearst Castle, Sekmet

Hearst Castle, Sekmet

Hearst Castle, Library

Hearst Castle, Library

Hearst Castle, Indoor Pool

Hearst Castle, Indoor Pool

Where Halloween resides

News for OctoberOctober is always a busy month for me. The energies of summer transform into a landscape of rich colours and cooling rains here in the Pacific Northwest. Harvests out in the country provide us with a smorgasboard of delicious offerings, and the impulse to cook hearty food and gather with friends and family to celebrate the seasonal changes inspires me in many ways. In my family, Halloween is the most celebrated event of the year, and I still associate that hummusy smell of leaves and damp earth with the bonfires, parties and candy making that accompanied our month long obsession with costumes, make-up and the decorations that we made all “from scratch”, as we would say.

Times have changed, and families today may not have the leisure time to prepare candies, cakes, costumes, and craft spirits, creatures and ghouls from paper, glitter and glue, but, as winter draws near, and the vivacious light and beauty of summer transforms into the soulful darkness and quietude of winter, people are drawn to the dramatic and mysterious intersection where Halloween resides.

Kids still love the stories that inform those temporarily assumed identities, and the costuming and playacting that goes along with it.

Of course, if my nephews and nieces are any indication, being a scallywag, and trying to get as many sweets as you can, might be a bit of a draw too…