I had been experimenting with sculpture in different media since the early 90’s, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I was able to set up a studio space dedicated to clay, developing a practice centered on three-dimensional work.
Intrinsic to the development of my technical skills in this area has been the establishment of a pottery practice. Creating functional work has it’s own particular rigueur, a somewhat less forgiving set of parameters, and as such fosters much insight into the ceramic process. Working on the potters’ wheel has also generated a new approach to the creation of form, and inspired a range of sculpture based on those properties.
My work as a painter through the 80’s and 90’s was largely figurative, and while the body is still an important part of my current practice, I have expanded the parameters of the context I work within. As I focus on new research into biological forms and evolutionary psychology, I find a renewed hunger to synthesize what I am learning and bring it into the physical world.

Organic abstractions


Large vessels & Sea creatures